Red Ball 1

Red Ball 1

Play Red Ball 1 – Click the Play Button Once the Game has Loaded

Play Red Ball 1 – Click the Play Button Once the Game has Loaded

Red Ball 1

Red Ball 1

This is where it all began, the first and original game. If the game does not load, please install the latest version of flash player.

Genre: Flash Puzzle Games
Developer: Evgeniy Fedoseev

Controls / How To Play:
Left and Right Arrows = Move Left and Right
Up Arrow = Jump
Down Arrow = Stop – Go Down

Level Descriptions:
Level 1: Move and Jump
Jump the wall and find the flag.

Level 2: Funny Ball
Up and over the ramp, then dodge the funny ball. Use the floating bridge to get to the flag.

Level 3: Lifts and Thorns
Watch out for the thorns and use the levitating bridge to move on to the next level.

Level 4: Axes
Don’t get crushed by the stompers. If you make it thru, look out for the axes.

Level 5: Jump
This level is all about how high you can fly.

Level 6: Springboards
Use the skate board ramps to arrive at your destination.

Level 7: Box Bridge
Box bridges, thorns, spinning stars, does it ever end?

Level 8: Car
Like to drive? Make it thru and you might get a free car.

Level 9: Ninja on the Bridge
This is a tough one. Beat the ninja and you may make it thru to the flag.

Level 10: Red Ball on the Ball
Hop on the columns and evade the spikes if you want to make it to the next level.

Level 11: Train
All aboard! Let’s ride that train to success.

Level 12: Sleep Slope
Knock over the blocks to have a shot.

Level 13: Pakman
Pakman is hungry, skip by him and let’s move on.

Level 14: Catapult
Tons of fun! Manipulate the one ton ball and you just might make it.

Level 15: Shop Burglary
Thru the maze and grab some cash.

Level 16: Short Cut
Find the shortest way thru and this level is a breeze.

Level 17: The King
Dance across the stars and become king of the world.

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