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Red Ball 2


This is the sequel to Red Ball. In this new game of Red Ball 2, we must assist the main character of the game. He has lost his crown and it’s up to you to do your best to help him find it. As we look for his crown, Red Ball 2 will pass through many difficult puzzles. You will encounter cold water, toxic waste, spikes, complex platforms and many other dangerous situations. There are many levels to this game, 20 to be exact. Your mission, if you decide to accept, is to find the golden crown no matter what obstacles stand in your way. If the game does not load, please install the latest version of flash player.

Genre: Flash Puzzle Games
Developer: Evgeniy Fedoseev

Game Overview:
Red Ball 2 is an addicting physics puzzle game. As a player you must roll and jump the red ball through the 20 levels. Not only are you moving left, right, up and down, but some of the levels require you to roll or move obstacle into different positions. This allows you to move further along in the game. You may find yourself swimming underwater or caught in an updraft, defying gravity.

Tip: All of the stars must be collected to pass each level.

Controls / How To Play:
Left and Right Arrows = Move Left and Right
Up Arrow = Jump
Down Arrow = Stop – Go Down

Red Ball 2 is a physics based platformer game. You may have played a similar game on your mobile phone. Kick back and enjoy the jazz music and relaxing sounds.

Do you have what it takes to retrieve the golden crown? As Red Ball, this is your mission and you must not fail. This sequel to Red Ball features better graphics, new levels, and new obstacles. A mouse is not required. Can you beat all 20 levels in Red Ball 2?

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